My Story

Fallen plant lives are so full of character that they inspire their own new identities.

Our Stars

I work with a team of bright star enthusiasts who share my nutty passion for herbaria preservation. These special friends of mine have gracefully integrated garden bed raking, debris sorting and species classification into their busy lifestyles, and for that, I am endlessly grateful.


It’s a labour of love when it comes to saving herbaria. Every effort is made to restore and preserve fallen lives. I use non-toxic paints, acid-free varnishes, papers and glues in producing my work.

Embracing Diversity

I am inspired by my subject matter – the shape of an entwined leaf, a gumnut half opened… I am also influenced by modern interiors and architectural trends. Australian herbaria are surrounded by a rich melting pot of heritage and modernism. It would be impossible for creativity not be influenced by this wonderfully eclectic environment.

mock up poster frame in hipster room, scandinavian style interior background, 3D render, 3D illustration