What materials do you use?
I use a range of non-toxic, water based varnishes, paints, papers, cotton polyester embroidery threads and non-toxic glues. Each box frame is made of painted wood with glass or acrylic.


How fragile are the pieces?
Herbarium pieces have been carefully secured to their substrates. Herbaria are subject to a small degree of  change in colour and/or shrinkage. In general, keep herbarium art away from direct sunlight and moist environments.


How much are herbarium frames?
Please access price guide on home page or see here.


How do I order?
Contact sophie.pressgalleria@gmail.com or visit us at Etsy.com to make a purchase.


How long does delivery take?
Small orders (1-5) take one week to complete. Larger orders take longer. Shipping times are dependent on buyer location.


What is the warranty?
I am happy to exchange or refund any product returned to Press Galleria within 14 days of purchase. Any damage caused by the customer can be inspected and quoted for repairs. Contact me with your enquiries.

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