How are Press Galleria herbarium art pieces made?
Once fallen plant lives are cleaned and placed inside the freezer for insect life removal, they are varnished and restored according to their level of need. Each item of plant life is then matched to a design theme that best brings out their visual persona. When an arrangement is complete, the art work is framed and finished with cord braiding on four sides.


What materials do you use?
We use a range of non-toxic, water based varnishes/sealants, artists’ water colour papers, non-toxic paints, light weight papers and translucent papers, paper based wall papers, cotton/cotton polyester embroidery threads both plain and metallic, non-toxic glues as well as brass/alloy based jewellery accessories. Each box frame is made of painted wood, glass/plastic and finished off with cotton/hemp/jute cord braiding.


How fragile are the pieces?
Herbarium pieces are either tied back to the background with threads and/or supported by glue which adequately secure the placement for their intended purposes. Even varnished herbarium items are still subject to a small degree of  change in colour and/or shrinkage. In general, keep herbarium art away from direct sunlight and moist environments.


What is a portfolio?
The portfolio is Press Galleria’s way of showcasing herbarium art designs. What you see are examples of works whose themes (colour, herbarium content, arrangement style) can mostly be replicated. Each piece is unique, so no two pieces will look exactly the same. When ordering, be as general or specific as you like. Tell us your retail needs or personal preference and we’ll collaborate to make it work. Contact us here.


How much are Press Galleria herbarium art pieces?
The current range of herbarium art pieces are sold for AUD$68 to $88 per piece for frames measuring 25 x 25 cm; GST not charged. Postage (where applicable) is additional and quoted upon order.


How do I order?
Contact sophie.pressgalleria@gmail.com for a special order or visit us at Etsy to make a purchase.


How long does delivery take?
Small orders (1-5) take up to one week to complete. Larger orders take longer. Shipping times are dependent on buyer location.


What is the warranty?
We are happy to exchange or refund any product returned to Press Galleria within 30 days of purchase. Any damage caused by the customer can be inspected and quoted for repairs upon request. Simply contact us with your enquiries.